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Getting your child enrolled in a good PSLE Tuition should be a top task on your priority list when it comes to your kid’s education if you are residing in Singapore. This is because the PSLE exam plays a very significant role in the academic success of your child. Your child has to go through the exam once he or she completes 6 years of his or her primary schooling. The exam not only helps in the development of your child’s mental ability to solve problems but also provides them a clear path to run faster than their competitors in future academic races.

Matt’s Education, a PSLE Tuition established by Matthew Lim in the year 2011 is dedicated to preparing the students for this exam.

The exam consists of the following three subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science

As we all are well aware that these three subjects form the base of any child’s education. As they say, that that English is the common world language, and being proficient in it automatically makes you a better communicator and adds more life to the words you speak when you go out there in the big wide world. Lastly, no matter what job a child takes up, whether it is that of an engineer, a doctor, or a creative job like that of a moviemaker or artist, these subjects are useful for them in the long run.

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