Reduce Crash Risks with a Safe Driving Course

One of the biggest risks in driving is crashing. Accidents happen, and often, they are caused by a lack of experience. It takes knowledge and experience to develop the judgment that will help you on the road. Talking about different scenarios and driving safety with a group of peers can be beneficial as well, and you can take a safe driving course. You will meet with a group of learner drivers and instructors, and you will gain valuable experience to reduce your risk of crashing on the road.

What Is a Safe Driving Course?

A safe driving course, such as the Safer Drivers Course, is a course for learner drivers. It teaches them how to reduce risks and anticipate dangerous situations while driving. Students benefit from in-class discussions and activities as well as practical experience behind the wheel in this five-hour course, and they will receive 20 logbook hours.

From a statistical perspective, drivers who complete this course have fewer crashes. They gain valuable knowledge and understanding of how crashes occur, situations that are likely to lead to a crash, and how to prevent crashes.

What You Learn

In the first module, you will have a three-hour group discussion led by qualified instructors. A group of learner drivers gets to meet and explore together the behaviours that will lead to safer driving. In addition to discussion, you will see videos and participate in activities. You get to cover topics such as safe following distance, external and internal distractions while driving, gap selection, and hazard management.

Then, you turn to the practical experience portion of the course. You and another student will go out with an instructor for two hours of driving experience. This portion of the course lets you experience firsthand some of the potential hazards on the road, and you can practice your new skills in a safe environment.

Benefits of Taking a Safe Driving Course

In addition to learning skills that will aid in reducing the risks of having an accident, learner drivers get five hours of practical experience and 20 logbook hours. They also learn what to look for on the road. Driving safety is more than simply controlling the vehicle. It includes knowing how to pay attention to everything else, such as other drivers, animals that may run out into the road, pedestrians, and more. There are certain tactics that will make you a safer driver, and taking this kind of course helps you understand what they are.

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