What is the Best School?

Finding the Best School in your Community may be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for. One of the most important criteria for choosing the appropriate educational facility for your children is whether they have the best dropout rate. In today’s tough economy, every school is looking for ways to keep their best students, and a Christian school district is no exception. Today, Christian schools get nearly twice as many dropouts as all other types of public school districts combined.

The best dropout rate statistic for any educational facility is 40%. That means that nearly one in four students who start at a public school district will quit that same school within a few years. These numbers are even worse for those whose parents decide to move to another neighborhood or a different state altogether. Statistics like these show just how important it is to maintain quality education for your children. Fortunately, Christian school districts do just that.

If a school has a high dropout rate, this is a very bad sign indeed. This means that your child may not be as successful as you think he or she might be at this particular educational facility. If the dropout rate is that high, it’s time to re-evaluate the whole educational scenario. Public school districts don’t always offer excellent curriculum choices and often try to force children to conform to their politically-correct standards. In some cases, they put pressure on teachers by requiring them to teach things that they don’t believe in.

Some of the reasons why Providence Classical School Spring Texas get great reviews for are their warm, engaging teaching styles and friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. Teachers at Christian schools are expected to treat each child with kindness and respect and are encouraged to extend a helping hand to struggling families. Teachers are also required to follow a strict code of conduct, and they are not allowed to discriminate against any student, either based on race, religion, disability, sex, or even age. Christian schools also work hard to keep discipline in check and allow parents to get involved in their children’s extracurricular activities. All of these positive characteristics make Christian schools a hotbed of controversy and debate, but they also make them some of the best schools in the country.

Community schools are run separately from traditional public schools, and many parents feel that they’re even more difficult to deal with. Parents in community school districts have to deal with extra issues such as poor nutrition, unsafe conditions, and dangerous playgrounds.

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